Interview participants are needed for an New York University research study on elective egg freezing.

Women are eligible to participate if they are considering freezing their eggs, in the process of freezing their eggs, have completed the egg freezing process, or seriously considered freezing their eggs but chose not to do so.

In the interview, we will ask questions about how women learned about egg freezing, made the decision to freeze their eggs, and talk about egg freezing with their friends, family, and romantic partners. We will also ask general questions about their romantic and professional histories and their plans for the future.

Information collected during these interviews will be confidential, and each participant will be assigned a pseudonym to protect her identity.

The interviews will last between one and two hours. Interviews will take place in person at a time and place convenient for the participant. Participants are automatically entered into a raffle for a new Apple iPad. Our study is restricted to women living or working the New York City metro area.

If you have questions or you are interested in participating, please contact Mary Patrick at mary.patrick@nyu.edu or Eliza Brown at eb2949@nyu.edu.